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LP, LUZIPRAK RECORDS/Vienna, LUZ 6, 2010 (lim.1000copies)

Side A
SCOOTER - Crazy Police (Wr.Neustadt, 1982)
WILLI WARMA - Ich sprenge alle Ketten (Linz, 1981)
TOM PETTINGS HERTZATTACKEN - I Found Out (Lienz/Wien, 1980)
NULL KOMA NICHTS - Der Weisse Rum (Feldkirch, 1982)
RPB - Tenebrae (Wien, 1981)
HOTEL MORPHILA ORCHESTER - Sex in der Stadt (Wien, 1982)
COMMERCIALS - Mein Kampf (Wien, 1981)
KILLROY - Robert Damiens (Wien, 1984)
Side B
INTIMSPRAY - One Million Barrels (Innsbruck, 1980/81)
FRONTAL - Keine Ahnung (Wels, 1983)
EXCALIBUR - Sweet Little Girl (Wien 1982)
DIRT SHIT - Der letzte Dreck von Wien (Wien, 1978/79)
CADILLAC - Cold Love (Wien, 1976/79)
ÖMÖ - Pumperl geht... (Graz, 1982)
BLACK VEIL - Take Me As I Am (Wien, 1982)
X-BELIEBIG - Fang an (Wr.Neustadt, 1980)
This second compilation contains some Austrian Proto Punk and Punk Rock from the first generation, including some rare & some unreleased Punk influenced Powerpop, Trash Rock, New Wave and No Wave stuff!

Once there was a larger quantity of my first punk compilation sold, I got mails from around the world, with compliments for the selection and some demands for old austrian punk records. I was a student, starting a self-employment business, needed the damned money, and sadly I sold or traded some of my rare austrian records.

For over 10 years the small rest of my collection was untouched and stored in the basement. About 2 or 3 years ago people her in Austria started to ask for "Es Chaos is die Botschaft...", if I have some copies left, and that it was such a good record, etc. I also heared rumours that Martin "Panza" Biro, a first generation punk from Vienna and co-founder of  the old punk record label PANZA-PLATTE, would do a compilation "De guade oide Zeit" [the good old time] with massive old punk and new wave bands from over here, which also has been released in Oct. 2010 (check http://de-guade-oide-zeit.grafikwerkstaette.at/cms/), and Harald Rau (early BÖSLINGE) was also collecting some old material for an austrian hc/punk-CD, which unfortunately hasn't seen the light of day till now (ask http://www.teenage-riot.com/). So I checked the basement and puted the needle on my few survivors. That's how I got infected again.

I started once more completing my austrian collection, and still found records, tapes and unreleased material I haven't heared before, so it was obvious to do a second part of "Es Chaos is die Botschaft!...". There where not so many austrian pogo punk bands in the early 80s, that left "acceptable" recordings, but there where a number of powerpop/trash rock/new wave/no wave bands that where also infected by the punk/DIY virus, and recorded some great stuff that meets my suggestions.

SCOOTER was formed in Wr.Neustadt, 1979 by four teenagers, Michael Raffeis, Ewald Hirsch, Michael Duchek and Herbert Dinhopl. They played a mix of garage, rock and punk, influenced by bands like the RAMONES, and convinced the audience at band contests as the Popodrom in Vienna. Michael Duchek died in a tragical accident in 1981. In 1982 the rest of the band plus the new bandmembers Oliver Prinz and Reinhard Kadlec recorded one song for the self-produced compilation "Wr.Neustaedter Szene", which contains a few tracks with a punk attitude. Their song "Crazy Police" is a mix of  rock and punk and remindes me of DEVO's "Mongoloid". In 1983, when Ewald left the band, SCOOTER became history, and the rest of the team formed a new band called THE AXE where they celebrated tight leather pants, net shirts and chest hair. Now Michael works in the austrian folk music szene and lives in Graz, Reinhard is in the local politics.

WILLI WARMA was Austrias sexiest band, that is what's been said! Linz 1976, the 16 year old class mates Kurt Holzinger and Peter Donke together with Julius Zechner and Christian Unger practiced their first songs, some cover versions of STONES and STOOGES classics. When Julius saw a "Willie Warmer" in a sex shop in London, the band had it's name. The musical inspiration came from punk and glamrock, pub rock and rhythm & blues, with a growing punk influence because of their numerous London trips and the records souvenirs brought from around the country. In 1977 they gave their first concert in the Unger-mansion infront of 30 guests. The old Urfahr (a district of Linz) dance palace CAFE LANDGRAF became the venue of the growing punk and new wave scene in Linz in 1978. And WILLI WARMA where the alpha males in this colourful szene, they even had their own "Willi Warma sandwiches". In 1980 they released their first song "Streetcorner Hero" on the DONAUSTRAND-EP by Ronnie Urini. Austrian newspapers and magazins wrote about "the only austrian rock'n'roll band that even looks like one" (Wiener). From then on they played more gigs in Vienna than in their hometown, and they where also seen in Graz, Innsbruck, Salzburg and Bad Ischl, wherever the four kajal-painted boys with a suspender dressed-guitarist where welcome. In 1980, when the wave of german punk and new wave bands hit Austria for the first time, Kurt began to translate their usually english cover versions into german. "Stahlstadtkinder" [steel town kids], named after the world-famous steel industry in Linz, became an anthem for the local scene, and was pressed in 1981 togehther with the Ricky Shane cover version "Ich sprenge alle Ketten" [I burst all chains] on a 7inch, which was financed with the winning of a band contest. The recordings were done in England under the help of James Bourke. Despite radio silence, and banishment by the biggest austrian radio station Ö3, because of some lyrics against the local police and ..., they sold remarkable 3500 copies. In the end of 1981 Christian left the band and moved to USA for his career, and after some to and fro Hardy Walenta (PATERNOSTER, CADILLAC, MORDBUBEN AG, ...) replaced him on the drums. In 1982 they recorded another rare 7inch "Dein Vater ist dagegen" [your father is against it]/"Alle wollen glücklich sein" [everybody want's to be happy], which could not live up to the earlier success. Musical differences led to Julius exit, who was later replaced by Christoph "Mad Max" Raffetseder (JAY BAND). The first WILLI WARMA gig in a foreign country occured in Nurembergs KOMM in 1983, and on the way home the band finally split. Donke and Zechner later joined the Band DYNAMO URFAHR, Zechner afterwards played also with THE PRIESTS, and Holzinger was seen with the hc/punk heroes SEVEN SIOUX.

TOM PETTINGS HERTZATTACKEN was a popular band of the austrian new wave era, whose punk roots have been mostly forgotten. Eberhard Forcher aka. TOM PETTING was born in Lienz in East-Tirol. After his study in Innsbruck he moved to Vienna to work as a journalist for EXTRABLATT and FALTER. The interrest for other cultures and countries brought him to San Francisco for about a year, where he wrote articles for austrian magazines like FALTER and RENNBAHN-EXPRESS with reviews about the american music scene. During his daily concert trips, he became a friend of Jim Caroll, known from the JIM CAROLL BAND, who showed Eberhard how to play a rock guitar. When Eberhard came back to Austria, his first ambition was to form an own band. Under the names DIE TOTEN JESCHKOS [the dead Jeschkos] (named after an austrian sport reporter who was rumoured to have been died while he had sex with an austrian sport celebrity!) and STUKA ALGEBRAS he gave his first gigs in his hometown Lienz, before he moved again to vienna to start a music revolution. The first Vienna gigs where in locations like AMERLINGHAUS or HAUS DER BEGEGNUNG (something like a culture get-together), with the band members Gerrit "Guerilla" Engelke, Peter "Pete Beat" Gruber, Walter "Verwalter" Marchart and Helmut "Tony Tom Tom" Mutschlechner under the name TOM PETTINGS HERTZATTACKEN. At the beginning there was also Christian "Chromosom" Brandl, a member of the famous punk band CHUZPE, on the bass guitar. They earned early success, and a music journalist wrote "...the HERTZATTACKEN are the hottest danceband in town...". Songs like "Radioactive", "Radio Radio", "Too much skin touch" or "Sexual addict" where catchy tunes, that appealed to punks and even good boys and girls. In 1980 they released their first song "Tonight" on the DONAUSTRAND-EP, together with WILLI WARMA, VOGUE and MISS MOLLIES FAVOURITES. Then they released "Radio Radio" from the same recordings on the WIENMUSIKK compilation in 1981 on the new established SCHALTER label, which was found by Eberhard and Rudi Nemetzek from the band MINISEX and which later became a sublabel of ARIOLA, as many other independents did. "I found out" is also taken from the recording session for the DONAUSTRAND-EP. In 1982 they recorded a LP, with german lyrics, and a more mainstream new wave oriented sound, but there is still a powerpop, punk feeling in a few songs. Afterwards they released some more records which more and more followed the commercial interrests of the austrian music industry.

NULL KOMA NICHTS (N.K.N.) [zero coma nothing] was found in Feldkirch 1981, by Peter "Galle" Galehr, one of Vorarlbergs first punks and a member of the famous punk band CHAOS, Andreas Skok "from Spock", formerly with THE MESS, Wolfgang "Doc Pille Wille" Willy and the dutchman Uwe Denis. "Galle" was known as the man with the seven lifes and as a big self-exposer, which led him to bulldoze with his weird neighing-like-a-horse vocals over most of the N.K.N. songs. The extreme alcohol consumption of "Galle" became more and more a problem for the band, and when Uwe was deported back to the Netherlands after some quarrel with the police and the law, the band broke up in 1983. "Weisser Rum" [white rum] is taken from their demo tape from 1982, and was also released on the swiss/austrian-compilation-LP ""Teufelskraut L.T.D" also known as the "Attack"-compilation.

RPB (ROCK 'N' POETRY BAND) with his mastermind Rudolf Paul Barcal was an anti product of the new wave era in Vienna. Rudi left "austrias first" punk band CHUZPE [impertinence] in fall 1979 after the "Wiener Blutrausch" [Vienna blood rage], and stayed for 3 months in the USA. When he came back to Vienna, he founded his own band, unimpressed by new wave and the upcomming bands, with the intention to combine rock and poetry. He was followed by Christian Brandl (also a CHUZPE member), Franky Frauenhofer, Günther Holtschik and jack-of-all-trades Ronnie Urini (DIRT SHIT, KLEENEX AKTIV, RUCKI ZUCKI PALMENKOMBO, ...). According to a survey only 15% of the rock music fans listen to the lyrics, the headbanging rest doesn't mind. So Rudi tried to find demanding lyrics from poets that where not so popular, to combine it with rock and to arouse the interrest for the words. In 1981 RPB produced their first 7inch, with a little bit different studio lineup, including Ernst Czettel and Michi Egger. The self composed song "Sacre Ceur" just missed the top ten of the austrian charts. The other song on their 7inch "Tenebrae" is a poem by Paul Celan, translated by Michael Hamburger, and was also released on the followed tape, next to rock versions of poems by Robert Frost, May Swenson, Emily Dickinson and another self composed song "Jean Paul".They gave concerts in Vienna (ARENA, METROPOL, ...) and from Linz to Fischamend. In 1982 the lineup changed, next Rudi there now was Roland Plotz, Ernst Czettel, Michi Egger and Stefan Pfeistlinger. They recorded a rare second 7" in 1982, a strange instrumental rock/pop record. Rudi later was seen with MORDBUBEN AG, BELLA BELLA, and SCHLECHTE VERLIERER [bad losers].

HOTEL MORPHILA ORCHESTER was a 1978 born musicproject by the university professor and multimedia artist Peter Weibel. The other core members of the project where the artist Loys Egg and the musician Paul Braunsteiner, known from the legendary 60s & 70s "proto punk band" NOVAK'S KAPELLE. Further musicians where Franz Machek and Wolfgang Steiner. "In Vienna it was an ancient practice, that every hotel or cafe had its own orchestra. Since this practice doesn't exist anymore, we are named after a hotel that doesn't exist too." (digest of a press release by Peter Weibel)
In 1981 they recorded their first 7inch "Dead in the head/Entzweit [split into two]" for EXTRAPLATTE, which is a good example for "punk meets art". Beyond the music you have the ear from Peter Weibel on the labels, so when you put the record on the turntable, the spindle stucks in the ear but you can listen to the music. And when you put it off, the ear is open but you can't hear anything. Isn't that tricky! "Sex in der Stadt" [sex in the city] is taken from their fantastic 1982 LP on SCHALLTER.
"...and even as a rock musician/poet, the alround artist pushes his ass into the face of the sensitive ethnic soul, "Sex in der Stadt" is the first song on the longplayer "Schwarze Energie" [black energy]. Peter Weibel recites to the power chords of the band the sex announcements in the daily newspapers. From snug to willing, from hard to cheap, he documents the sellout of the sexuality." (Rennbahn-Express 6/82)
The outstanding track "Sex in der Stadt" is also available on a rare 7inch from 1982. With several long interruptions the HOTEL MORPHILA ORCHESTRA exists till today.

COMMERCIALS, not to be confused with the same-named new wave band from Vorarlberg, has arisen from the rest of the viennese punk band TV-GENERATION in 1980. The bandmembers where Harald "Jaques Burn Well" Müller, Michael "Billy Nutella" Stenker and the brothers Robert & Roland Daniel aka. "Skrewhead" & "Roger Doll Tree", all of them well-known punks in the early scene of capital city. In 1981 they recorded 3 tracks for the "Die Tödliche Dosis" [the deadly dose]-compilation, "Mein Kampf" is a cover version of the same-named song by UKs legendary SPITFIRE BOYS from 1977. The COMMERCIALS split in the same year, Billy and Harry formed the band KLEENEX AKTIV, and Roli and Robert founded TERROR ALARM in 1982, another wrongfully forgotten HC-band.

KILLROY was an experimental DIY/no wave music project by Alex Janda and Jonny Griebler. The band was founded in 1983 and they recorded some songs in their rehearsal room, two songs where pressed on a limited 7inch (300 pieces), less of half the quantity was sold in the original plastic bag with a sticker on it. "Robert Damiens" is taken from this 7inch, and delivers an agressive no wave sound with a strong bass line. In 1988 the band split, and Jonny played with MANHATTAN LOVE SUICIDE, another austrian DIY-noise band that did some rare records in the late 80s.

INTIMSPRAY is better known for their appearances in Munich in the early eighties, but actually this was a band from the capital of Tirol. On the 26. April 1979 the band THE SPRAY was founded in the SAFARI CLUB in Innsbruck. Heribert Kornfeil, Walter Moriel, Hubert Nedwed, Mike Moll, and Heinz Heisel, one or another known from the rock band ABU EL MOT, planed only one gig where they would play some modern punk/ska music just for fun, but when the audience jumped on chairs and tables and went wild in the overcrowded HOTTINGER CLUB, it was clear that this couldn't be just a one-night stand. When they heared from a viennese band that was also called THE SPRAYS, they changed their name into INTIMSPRAY. After some gigs in the local scene, BÜRGER BRÄU, KOMM, SENDER in Lustenau, mentionable one as the supporting act for DAF, they conquered the Munich scene with the help of their friends the NIGHTHAWKS. In 1980 they released a rare 7inch (lim. 500 pieces), which was pressed in Switzerland and sounds like a mix of garage/punk/ska. In Munich, after Walter left and Bill Pugh (former NIGHTHAWKS roadie) joined the band, they became the house band of the RIGAN-CLUB, MARIENKÄFER, WHY NOT,...and later on the famous DOMIZILE. It was the time when new wave got more attention by the major labels, and in 1982 RCA knocked on their door with a record deal. They played some live shows in bavarian television, like "Live im Alabama" or the "Michael Schanze Show". The teenie magazine BRAVO made a foto story with INTIMSPRAY in London, where their LP was mentioned in NME. In 1984, after some more gigs in Germany and Austria, the band split. "One Million Barrels" is taken from an unreleased recording in 1981, when the band still sang in english, before their new wave stage.

FRONTAL [head-on] was formed in Wels during the riots of the new german (punk-) wave in 1981. The first band members were Franz Reischl, Dieter Esterer, Georg Jungwirt and Klaus Buttinger. Franz, Dieter & Klaus also played together with Kid "Meuchel" [murder] (later CYCLON BÄH) in the predecessor FRANZ BRANDTWEIN'S KINDA [Franz Brandweins kids] in 1980, which supposed to be the second punk band out of Wels. So which was the first? They had appearances in Wels and Linz (CAFE LANDGRAF, STATTWERKSTATT,...), and in 1982 Thomas Trauner joined the band with his sax and a casio keyboard. They recorded the song "Keine Ahnung" [no idea] for the city compilation "Traun Stadt Kinder" [traun city kids] in 1983, together with some other local new wave and rock bands, and played gigs from Vienna to Salzburg and also across the austrian boarder. They changed their lineup anually around the core musicians Reischl, Esterer, Buttinger and Trauner. In 1984 Silvia Pumberger and her bass guitar caused some hormonal disharmony in the band, which led to the exit of Thomas in 1985. The rest of the band recorded a 7inch under the name TINA4 on CACTUS RECORDS, which got airplay on austrian radio stations, and entered the austrian charts. Later on they appeared in the tv-show LIVE AUS DEM SCHLACHTHOF in the south-german television. The Band existed till the late 80s in different lineups. In 1997 the band was reactivated with all the original members from 1982.

EXCALIBUR was a rock band from Vienna, that was formed by the three 13 to 14 years old kids Nikolaus Scharinger, Christian Kobold and Thomas "Ian Patrick" Tinhof in 1980. In the end of 1980 they presented their first gig at a school event, afterwards they played in different locations around Vienna, like TILL EULENSPIEGEL, SHOWBOAT and some youth centers. The climex of their  band career was an own 7inch on ARICORD, usually a label for folk and classical music, with the help of parental connections. EXCALIBUR was intended to be a rock band, but they where able to combine melody, power and a little roughness in a song, like the one from their 7inch "Sweet Little Girl" which for austria is a more untypical powerpop pearl with some juvenile easiness. In 1983 the the band broke up, Niki moved to Amsterdam, and in the late 80s Cristian and Thomas formed the bands MINDBLOW and ST.MARX.

DIRT SHIT should be known from my first compilation, and some other international punk compialtions. Anyway afterwards it is a miracle that their RATTENLOCH [rat hole]-EP came out in 1979. DIRT SHIT was hired for the viennese underground movie EXIT-NUR KEINE PANIK. As Ronnie "Urin(i)" Iraschek arrranged the recording studio, it took a week to bring the band together. Michi "Monoton" and Roli "Rostig" Übereuter where once again on a alcohol tour through the Vienna pubs of the 10th district. When they started with the recordings, Michi had no idea what to sing, as he never had lyrics just stubled and shouted words that just came into his mind. And Bernie "Bendenklich" Tragut refused to play the bass as needed at the beginning. First they recorded "Der letzte Dreck von Wien" [the last scum of Vienna], which was easy for Michi, because this is a cover version of PETER SCHLEICHERs "Der letzte Fetzentandler von Wien" [the last scrap dealer of Vienna] where the lyrics already existed. Then they recorded "Exit" a song that still existed as "Holocaust-Rollercoast", a phrase that originated from Robert "Räudig" Wolf of CHUZPE who was also an early band member of DIRT SHIT. "Discoscheissa" [disco fucker] was texted by an unknown punk from Vienna. There was also a live scene for DIRT SHIT planned in this movie, but when the producers wanted them all to perform with "crazy" red hair, Ronnie an his friends started a discussion about homosexual cliches with the partly gay film team, and at the end the band was fired. DIRT SHIT already advanced the money for the recordings and needed some more for the 7inch pressing, so they threatend with a lawsuit, and got a compensation from the  scared fim producer to finish their record. Ronnie and Roli later played with  the local heroes KLEENEX AKTIV, and Bernie and Ronnie formed the RUCKI ZUCKI PALMENCOMBO.

CADILLAC was formed in Vienna, long before Punk became a brand for a new generation, in 1974. The core and the driving force of the band where Peter Patzl and Robert "Bobby" Sommer. The other band members where Max Kempter, Hans Vorreither and Gerhart "Hardy" Walenta, known from the progressive rock band PATERNOSTER, a busy drummer that played with many other upcomming bands like MORDBUBEN AG, NEUER FRÜHLING, WILLI WARMA. The early CADILLACs where inspired by bands like BOWIE, ROXY MUSIC, STOOGES, LED ZEPELIN, LOU REED, ..., their sound was somewhere between glam rock and pub rock, with the sacrifice of any electronic sound. When in 1976 (mainly unnoticed here in Austria) the first punk bands in USA and UK delivered their trend-setting longplayers, the unaffected band CADILLAC recorded 5  proto punk songs in a studio in Vienna, which where once not released. CADILLACs sound was to perfect for punk, and to straight for beeing something like Pop, no way to classify! In 1977, when the punk movement hit Vienna, CADILLAC was asked to do a performance on the weekly WOCHENSCHAU [weekly news], in cinemas around the country. So they collected some friends and fans and performed their song "Amphetamin" in their rehearsal room from the underworld of Vienna. At the end the narrator said "...punkrock has its roots in England, Cadillac plays it independetly and aggressive...", while the (un-)impressed audience munched some popcorn. In 1978 Bobby moved to Berlin, where he became a co-founder of the famous SO36. During the first year he was something like a program manager, and he carted bands from London to Berlin an back weekly. Finally CADILLAC gave three concerts in Berlin and Hamburg, and in 1979 some friends from Berlin released the rare (lim.200 Stk) CADILLAC 7inch with the songs "Cold Love" and "Craptown Pt.2" from the 1976 recordings. Shortly after this the band split. Bobby always found his way back to his hometown Vienna, and in 1979 he played the sax with Fredi Fenders MORDBUBEN AG [murderous-boys AG] for several months until Bobby returned to Berlin, where he joined the punk band TEMPO and later became the tour manager of IDEAL.

ÖMÖ was an underground-rock-show band from Graz, that traveled through eastern Austria and Hungaria. Their intention was, to ignore any taboos and trends and to upset and shock the audience to reconsider their attitude. ÖMÖ, what definitely means nothing, is the direct successor of The band FUT [cunt] , which was found in 1979. This provocative band name created some resitance in the "good" society, Their live shows where monitored by the state police, their concert posters where teared down by the local cops, and austrias well-known moralizer and sex hunter Martin Humer was runing after them. When the problems for the band bacame unbearable, they changed the name first into BEINHART-ROCKBANDE [bare-knuckle-rock crew], then ÖMÖ-DIE ROCKSAU [the rock hog] and finally only ÖMÖ. The band members where Seppo Gründler, Karin Spirk, Bobo Rust, Seppi Klammer and Simon Pichler. In 1982, after Karin left the band, they recorded a self-produced 7inch, from which the song "Pumperl geht..." [the chick walks (the cock rises)] is taken from. Seppo and Seppi later joined the band SFORZA.

BLACK VEIL was started in 1981 by Norbert Ivanek and Hans Nebily, and in 1982 Rick B. Miller aka. Rick Maranca completed the core of the band. The bass players turned weekly during this period. BLACK VEIL played some kind of punky (trash) rock, and had some concerts in Vienna and the urban surrounding with their show somewhere between glam and punk rock. The 7inch "Take me as I am" (Attention: Don't be scared by the pictures on the backside of the cover!) was recorded in "Blind Joe" Sladeks  NOVOTON STUDIO who also was responsible for the recordings of the first CHUZPE-LP in 1982 and the "Die Tödliche Dosis" [the deadly dose]-compilation. The bass guitar on these 7inch recordings played the little bit unchallenged musician Ferry Gamper. With this complete lineup they played some gigs in clubs and bars, like the Vienna METROPOL. They could win the audience vote at several band contests with their powerful, straight show. Norbert was later seen as a journalist in the austrian public radio station Ö3, and Rick joined Ferrys band projects until todays STURMLICHT [stormlight].

X-BELIEBIG [anyone] was formed in 1980 in Wiener Neustadt by the two 17 year old teenagers Rene Adametz and Franz Heuschneider and the 13 year old kid Bernd Bechtloff as the successor of a short lived and forgotten punk band called ZIMMERBRAND [room fire]. They were influenced by german punk rock, but none of them felt as beeing a punk. After some months of practice they had their first gig in the same year in the Wr.Neustadt SNACK BAR. From then on they cooperated with other local Bands like ZERBRECHLICH [fragile], DÄMMERATTACKE [twilight attack], ... and played concerts as far as in Vienna (AMMERLINGHAUS, METROPOL, GAGA, U4). In the End of 1980 they recorded their lo-fi demo tape, and in the summer of 1981 they released their 7inch on PANZA-PLATTE, with their little U4-hit "Leben ist Blut" [life is blood]. In the same year Franz left the band to play with DÄMMERATTACKE, and Zoltan Daroczi became his substitude. From then on they left their punk roots behind, inspired by bands like JOY DIVISION, etc., and found a new dark wave-like sound. In 1982, when they played at the ARENA opening concert, the local major label ARIOLA/SCHALLTER offered them a record deal. At this time they where in contact with FACTORY RECORDS (UK), but couldn't negotiate a deal, so ARIOLA got the promise for their now rare and outstanding great LP. They recorded at GORILLA STUDIO, by Ernie Seuberth, which was a famous studio in Vienna especially for the new wave era. After some concerts like Innsbruck and Lienz the band split in fall 1982. "Fang an" [get started] is taken from their rare (lim.80 pieces) demo tape on O-TANNENBAUM-RECORDS (pre-PANZA-PLATTE).

I will use this blog to tell you more about these bands and their output.

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